Editor’s note: this is a copy of the Site Management Resources page from the State Site. In the short term, you can use this to help you build your Chapter Site. But, it will get out of date and so for the long haul, you should just link to the State Site here.
But we included this page because you might want to use this format for managing the unique aspects of your site. With the layout common to that of the state, it might be easier to find everything.

Site Management Resources

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This evolving resource contains important information to assist site administrators and editors in site construction and maintenance.

Open Labs are conducted from 9:00-10:00am the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month. These sessions are recorded and posted here for reference. Use the contact form below to submit topics for discussion at an Open Labs session.

FAQ coming soon.

Launch Meeting – Zoom at 9:00am 1st and 3rd Thursdays.

Open lab videos

August 3, 2023: [48min] – click to see content list.

site translation using GTranslate, HTML anchors (aka menu anchors), member databases – maybe try PODs plugin.

July 20, 2023: [49min] – click to see content list.

post feed (query loops), preventing comments, breadcrumb options, general discussion – King County events, stock image discussion.

July 06, 2023: [41min] – click to see content list.

parallax image and other settings in Hero banner, menu title attributes, discussion of plugin updates, which counties are in the pipeline.

More videos
June 15, 2023: [1hr: 20min] – click to see content list.

mobile menus, changes in block formatting (WP or plugin updates?), security and backups, replacing media, Tablepress, carousels, options for future MGFWS podcasts.

June 01, 2023: [50 min] – click to see content list.

QR codes (static vs dynamic), Secure PDFs using PDF Embedder plugin (pros and cons), Site management resources page (changes and goals), customizing social icons, site security

May 18, 2023: [56 min] – click to see content list.

creating site redirects, allow search engine indexing, Cloudflare dashboard. zip archive and local hosting of old site, Google Analytics, formatting blocks with shadows.

May 4, 2023: [1hr: 34min] – click to see content list.

responsive sites, pages, blocks, block visibility on small devices, embedding Google map code, block sizing (spacing, paddings, margins) and more.

April 20, 2023: [1hr.-18min] – click to see content list.

menus (mobile & footer), fine tune formatting for mobile, site accessibility, embedding & viewing PDFs.

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Theme and plugin videos

Customizing Blog Archive Page – Blocksy Theme
Grow Beyond Posts & Pages with Pods – an introduction
Build anything with Pods – a workshop

WordPress documentation and tutorials

Site accessibility

Video – Designing for accessibility – WordPress.tv

Beginners UFW
Training Videos